Huge CenturyLink outage caused by bad networking card in Colorado

A widespread outage on CenturyLink’s cloud network that lasted almost two days and hampered emergency phone service in Washington and other states was caused by a faulty network management card, according to a customer notice.

SOURCE: GeekWire

DATE: December 29, 2018

Brian Krebs,  a veteran security journalist, posted a copy of a notice sent to CenturyLink’s “core customers” to his Twitter feed Saturday that blamed a card at its data center in Colorado for “propagating invalid frame packets across devices,” causing a series of issues that forced the company to reboot much of its networking equipment. It took CenturyLink more than two days from when it first identified the issues to sound the all-clear on Saturday morning, a period during which 911 services in several states including Washington were down or spotty.


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