About Us

All Things FirstNet.com is the industry’s most authoritative source for information, news and analysis about FirstNet, the first Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network.


All Things FirstNet has a clear mission: to provide information, news and analysis critical to Public Safety as they move forward as a part of FirstNet and the nationwide public safety broadband network. Our objective is to ensure public safety has the network and smart technology they need to strengthen communications and facilitate knowledge exchange. We believe this will improve our communities and protect our citizens.

Our experienced team of public safety professionals is dedicated to helping make FirstNet a success for our audiences and partners.


Here at “All Things FirstNet” our vision is simple – we are pro Public Safety and pro FirstNet.  We firmly support the FirstNet mission, their partner and a single national, interoperable, broadband network solely dedicated to Public Safety users.

Achieving FirstNet’s goals involves much more than spectrum alone.  The spectrum needs to be complimented with the appropriate tools and resources to make it work for every first responder in America. Those tools and resources can range from governance, networks, policy, devices, coverage, applications and users, just to mention a few.

All Things FirstNet is dedicated to bringing readers up-to-date information focused on learning about FirstNet as an independent authority, their service provider, as well as information about devices, applications and integration provided by various companies designed to operate on the network. Additionally, All Things FirstNet will provide, news, commentary and insight from experts in the industry.

Our vision is simply staying focused on all things related to FirstNet and its success.


Our goal is to make All Things FirstNet the only site you need to visit to be up-to-date with the latest news, information, product announcements, partnerships, and of course Andy Seybold’s well known Public Safety Advocate. Here is how we plan to accomplish our goals:

  • Provide a single site for all information related to FirstNet
  • Provide most recent news related to FirstNet and its partner
  • Provide an archive of news for research and historical reference
  • Provide product information from companies offering devices, applications, and integration designed to work on the National Public Safety Broadband Network
  • Provide an understanding of the technical aspects and integration with LMR related to the FirstNet deployment through Andy Seybold’s “Public Safety Advocate”
  • Ensure the end users have an understanding of all aspects related to a FirstNet deployment


Please join us on this journey into the future of FirstNet and public safety technology. You, the first responder, along with FirstNet, its partner and all those building FirstNet products, are about to change the world we live in forever.