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Grants are an excellent resource when seeking to fund a federally mandated or state/local/tribal project(s) that is without any other available funding source. As such, there are multiple grant sources that are available to assist with funding FirstNet projects.  These grants are made available to be a solution in funding and solving the evolving capability challenges in public safety, such as gaps in interoperable communications. They can help in meeting the costs of planning, training, exercise, and equipment, as well as additional personnel in some instances. Any State, Local, Tribal, or NGO can benefit from these grants when existing operational budgets are insufficient to meet the operational requirements of an agency and the needs of a community.    

How to Get Grants Assistance

Here at All Things FirstNet, it is our mission to assist you with identifying and understanding application requirements, as well as knowing the application deadlines for a funding source(s) necessary to fund your project. 

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Funding FirstNet Communications Projects with Federal Grants

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Q. What is a federal grant? A. A federal grant is an award of financial assistance from a federal agency to a recipient to carry…

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