Teaming to Make FirstNet a Reality

From network coverage to devices, applications and more, AT&T is bringing all the right collaborators to the table to build the FirstNet network and ecosystem. Our core team of collaborators includes Motorola Solutions, General Dynamics, Sapient Consulting and Inmarsat Government.

Delivering Turnkey Unmanned Systems

Flymotion is an industry leader delivering turnkey Unmanned Systems, innovative technology solutions, system integration and aerial flight services to Public Safety, Government, Defense and more. We ensure the highest level of client satisfaction and support. Drone technology has proven to be a critical, cost-effective tool in many diverse industries. We’ve assembled a team of experts dedicated to overseeing your UAS implementation every step of the way, making full integration effortless. FAA Licensed.

FirstNet’s Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network

General Dynamics is proud to be a member of the FirstNet team led by AT&T that will design, develop and deliver the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network. We bring decades of proven systems integration and program management experience, broadband engineering skills, public safety-focused applications, deployable telecommunications assets and cybersecurity resources to the FirstNet team led by AT&T.

Push-To-Talk Solutions

Motorola Solutions’ push-to-talk solutions, purpose-built public safety applications and intelligent middleware will efficiently bridge communications between land mobile radio and LTE. It will enable public safety agencies to take full advantage of the data capabilities that the new network will bring.

Your Next Paradigm Starts Here

At Next Paradigm, we are the experts in FirstNet, state & local engagement, and Public Safety communication operations. We utilize our decades of experience and deep relationships to provide our corporate clients with strategic solutions to meet their public safety business objectives.

 Building a bridge to your future

What does partnership mean to you? To us it means truly working together – sharing ideas, experience, and resources in pursuit of a common goal. That was our mission when we joined forces in 2012, and that’s exactly how we approach all of our projects.


Connected Teams: The Future of Healthcare Communication

Pulsara’s mobile communication network covers entire regions: ALL patients, ALL conditions, ALL healthcare entities.



RapidDeploy is the Cloud Aided Dispatch (CAD) company that is democratizing public safety across the United States and around the world by bringing better situational awareness and location accuracy to agencies of all sizes. It was built by first responders with a passion to save lives. RapidDeploy Cloud Aided Dispatch (CAD) solutions are easy to deploy, rich in location-based features and interfaces, and affordable for agencies of all sizes. Since, RapidDeploy is built on the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud architecture, it provides all of its customers with mission critical reliability, government-level cybersecurity, and state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence for future-proofing your agency.


Sapient is proud to be part of Team AT&T on the FirstNet initiative.

Dedicated to connecting, engaging, and empowering public servants and the people they serve through technology, Sapient Consulting will deliver an innovative application ecosystem for the public safety community. Sapient Consulting’s expertise in world-class solution development, user experience design, and digital marketing will inform the development of the advanced web portal built to enable and strengthen engagement between the states and the public with the FirstNet program.

Ultra-Rugged, Mission Critical LTE Handsets

For Public Safety

Whether they are firefighters, police officers or paramedics rushing to an accident, they all need to get there first. Sonim ultra-rugged smartphones combine next generation technologies and applications to deliver safety everywhere.

The body camera company that does not make body cameras.

The Visual Labs solution leverages off-the-shelf Android smartphones to provide an “all-in-one” body camera, digital camera, audio recorder and personnel locator. Because the device is connected to the internet, it can livestream back to supervisory personnel without the need for additional hardware (e.g. routers), thus increasing officer safety and situational awareness.  The Visual Labs website serves as the video management system and provides advanced analytic tools.  All in all, the Visual Labs system has proven to be an extremely cost-effective and high-tech way to implement a body camera program, and the adoption of FirstNet will only enhance the system’s capabilities.