GUEST COLUMN: Florida should become a part of FirstNet

More than two dozen governors have already chosen to become a part of FirstNet, and I would urge Florida and every state in the nation to make the same choice.

By Sheriff Michael Adkinson

This September, as powerful hurricanes stacked up in an unrelenting line, Florida found itself in the path of destruction along with Texas, Louisiana, Puerto Rico and much of the Caribbean. This hurricane season has reminded us of nature’s fierce power and the awesome strength of the volunteers, neighbors, and first responders who step up in times of need.

Hurricanes, storms and floods are intense examples, yet in communities across the nation during emergencies and day-to-day operations, public safety is being asked to do more and more without an equivalent increase in resources.

Through my role as the sheriff of Walton County and my position as president of the Florida Sheriffs Association, I know the challenges faced by Florida’s law enforcement. I also hear the challenges my colleagues from around the country face as they strive to meet the needs in their communities.

This opinion article was written by Sheriff Michael Adkinson and appears in the Apalchicola & Carrabelle The Times dated December 3, 2017


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