More than Half of America has Already Chosen to Transform First Responder Communications With FirstNet, AT&T

Public Safety Agencies Across the Country Have Begun Signing Up for FirstNet Service

RESTON, Va., Nov. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — States and territories are putting public safety first. As of today, more than half of America’s governors have made the decision to opt in to the FirstNet network – the country’s only communications platform purpose-built with public safety, for public safety.

“Just within the past couple of months, this country has experienced a number of tragedies. And no matter the life-threatening event, our first responders were there for us. It’s our responsibility to make sure the communications capabilities they need are there, too,” said Mike Poth, CEO of FirstNet. “We applaud these 30 governors for giving their first responders access to the cutting-edge tools they need to support their heroic efforts.”

With an opt-in decision, first responders can begin signing up for service. And they’re taking advantage of the new choice. With thousands of connections on the network, a number of first responders are already experiencing the early benefits of FirstNet.

First responder subscribers gain priority access to voice and data across the existing nationwide AT&T* LTE network. So when emergencies happen, they will be able to communicate and share information without having to compete with commercial users for the connectivity they need.

FirstNet will also drive public-safety-focused innovation, helping to make advanced communications tools – like smartphones, apps and connected devices – more useful, valuable and available to first responders.

“The needs of public safety demand more than what commercial offerings provide today. FirstNet will be a force for good, forever changing the way first responders think about and use communications,” said Chris Sambar, senior vice president, AT&T – FirstNet. “We’re honored to have more than half the country put their trust in us to deliver this game-changing platform for public safety. That trust is not misplaced. Our commitment to this community as well as what we intend to deliver is clear and unwavering.”

The 30 states and territories that have already made the decision to pioneer the future of public safety communications are:

Alabama Montana

Alaska Nebraska

Arizona Nevada

Arkansas New Jersey

Hawaii New Mexico

Idaho Oklahoma

Indiana Pennsylvania

Iowa Puerto Rico

Kansas South Carolina

Kentucky Tennessee

Louisiana Texas

Maine U.S. Virgin Islands

Maryland Virginia

Michigan West Virginia

Minnesota Wyoming

Both AT&T and FirstNet have committed significant resources to improve communications among first responders and members of the public safety community. With an opt-in decision, FirstNet and AT&T bear the financial risk associated with the network build in that state or territory. No other financial resources from the state or territory are necessary to deploy or operate the network.

The FirstNet network is the only wireless broadband network specially designed through consultation and feedback from public safety to ensure it meets their current and future technology needs. States that haven’t already opted in have until Dec. 28 to make their decisions.

November 2, 2017

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