What the FirstNet roadmap says about its in-building strategy

By Kelly Hill on OCTOBER 28, 2019

The First Responders Authority will be receiving about $18 billion in payments from AT&T over the 25-year-term of the FirstNet contract. An estimated $16 billion of that is expected to be reinvested in the network, as is required under the law which established FirstNet. So how and where is FirstNet going to direct those dollars?

The authority earlier this year released a roadmap that is guiding its reinvestment decisions, what it calls a “living document” of a five-year plan, based on feedback from public safety responders across the country which will be updated annually. That roadmap covers six vital technology and capability domains: the network core, coverage and capacity, situational awareness, voice communications, secure information exchange and user experience. Within those six domains, the roadmap identifies the underlying, enabling technologies; what public safety responders around the country have identified as their needs; and the resulting priorities for FirstNet network reinvestment.

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