The Verizon Super Bowl Ad is Problematic, Here’s Why

By Brodie

Like many of you, I settled in to watch the Super Bowl for the football, the food, the entertainment, and of course the commercials. I dig the whole night of entertainment the Super Bowl offers. I know we’re gonna get good fun ads, I know we’re gonna get some awesome movie trailers, and I know a couple of ads will go the serious route. Dodge Ram trucks did God Made a farmer a few years ago. McDonald’s wanted you to call your loved ones back in 2015. Sometimes they like to tug at the heart strings. This year it was Verizon’s turn.

That’s a fantastically made ad, supporting the mobile network, hitting the right notes, and supporting our first responders. Not just our first responders in the general sense of that phrase, but literally, ours, Quincy’s Fire Department. The first call featured is in regards to a December 2012 house fire QFD Lieutenant Jack Ray responded to. It’s a sweet, touching moment hearing these two reconnect after he saved her life.

There’s just one problem. Verizon doesn’t have coverage in Quincy. Or throughout this entire region. One of our corporate guys was in town last week, he couldn’t get a signal at all. “To save his life,” as the saying goes. When I moved to this area, I had to switch from Verizon, a carrier I had been with for 10 years, because they didn’t have coverage.

This article appears on, dated February 5, 2018.

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