Motorola Solutions’ Device Certified ‘FirstNet-Ready’

Motorola Solutions’ new LTE handheld device certified by AT&T, is ‘FirstNet-ready’

“An officer may be in a sensitive situation where he or she does not really want to pull out the radio, because it may make himself or herself more visible—for instance, during an undercover operation,” Rodriguez said, noting that LEX F10 connects to the APX radio via Bluetooth technology. “It’s a really good way to create interoperability and really to deliver on this end-to-end promise that we realize we’re responsible for bringing to America as part of an end-to-end solution.

“One of the things we’re realizing is that LMR and LTE are going to co-exist for the foreseeable future. Our focus is on making sure that we enable the interoperation between the two—the collaboration between the two … Having the two [communications systems] working together is the best possible scenario, so we’re building applications that cut across both, and we’re actually working with AT&T to develop the appropriate level of services with FirstNet.”




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