Upcoming Band 14 PTT devices ‘phenomenal,’ FirstNet Authority board member says

Not-yet-available push-to-talk LTE devices that are being evaluated in the FirstNet Authority laboratory should please public-safety users and are “getting very, very close” to the type of solutions first responders would want to replace land-mobile-radio (LMR) handsets, a FirstNet Authority board member said today.

SOURCE: Urgetn Communications

DATE: December 6, 2019

Neil Cox, chairman of the FirstNet Authority board’s Network and Technology Committee, said FirstNet Authority board members have seen devices in the organization’s Colorado laboratory but are not allowed to disclose any information about them. Without sharing any details, Cox indicated that he was impressed with the devices he saw.

“I tell you, the next generation of push-to-talk devices on Band 14 LTE FirstNet are phenomenal,” Cox said during the FirstNet Authority board meeting, which was webcast. “I don’t know if they’ll go all the way to what public safety wants to replace LMR, but it’s getting very, very close.


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