Opting Out to FirstNet is a Cop Out and Expensive to Taxpayers

States owe it to their residents – and their pocketbooks – to opt-in to FirstNet. It will not only save taxpayers money, but may also help responders better save their lives.

Arizona, Kansas and Nevada are the latest states to opt-in to FirstNet, the first broadband network dedicated for use by police officers, firefighters and emergency medical personnel.

With the money already allocated from the federal sale of spectrum, opting in to FirstNet is a fiscally responsible decision that more states should consider.

There are now more than a dozen states that have chosen to partner with the First Responder Network Authority, a system that grew out of a 9/11 Commission recommendation calling for interoperable communications for first responders in the United States.

America’s first responders use an estimated 10,000 different networks for communication. Those networks often don’t interoperate, which limits the ability of those responders to communicate with each other during emergency situations.

This Insights article was written by Johnny Kampis and appears on protectingtaxpayers.org dated August 28, 2017

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