Linking Rural Public Safety over an Interoperable Broadband Network

In Arkansas, interoperability and supportive apps can be vital to public safety’s ability to save lives and secure communities, according to Kelly Gottsponer, Education and Outreach Coordinator for the Arkansas Public Safety Broadband Network.

Arkansas’s Interstate I-40 is a major thoroughfare for trucking, the state is affected by nearly every kind of natural disaster (except volcanoes and tsunamis), and has terrain ranging from Mississippi River floodplains to rugged mountain back-country. Interoperability can be a challenge, Gottsponer explains in the video below. Arkansas’s public safety agencies are using data in different ways, with some volunteer firefighters looking to hunting apps to determine air pressure and humidity, while EMS units are working to get data back to local hospitals, for example.

“It’s very important that we have interoperable communications – not only between our counties and municipalities, but with surrounding states as well,” she says. Click the thumbnail below to hear more.


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