Integrating FirstNet into 911 Operations

By Kristi Wilde, Senior Public Safety Advisor

The FirstNet Authority continues to engage public safety from every discipline to better understand what they need from the FirstNet network. The FirstNet Authority talked with professionals working in emergency communication centers (ECCs)—sometimes called 911 centers or public safety answering points (PSAPs)—at Arizona’s Public Safety Broadband Forum for PSAPs (“Forum”) in Phoenix, Arizona in late August.

The event, hosted by the Arizona Department of Administration, was geared towards understanding how emergency communications professionals in Arizona are using FirstNet today and helping them learn how to integrate FirstNet into their 911 operations. Though voice communications are traditionally constrained to landlines and land mobile radios, ECCs are expanding how they communicate. The FirstNet Authority talked with ECC professionals at the Forum to understand how they are using data to communicate with the public and with responders in the field.


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