FirstNet-Enabled Drones Enhance Situational Awareness During Volcano Eruption

By Thomas Randall, Senior Public Safety Advisor, First Responder Network Authority

At Texas A&M University, two researchers, Dr. Walt Magnussen and Dr. Robin Murphy, are working together to advance public safety technologies. Dr. Magnussen focuses on public safety communications, and Dr. Murphy focuses on ways to use drones to enhance disaster response. They both use FirstNet in their research and training.

Putting new public safety tech to the test

Dr. Magnussen leads a research hub called the Internet2 Technology Evaluation Center(link is external) (ITEC), which conducts emergency communications research with a focus on interoperability. For the past five years, ITEC has hosted a training exercise called the Winter Institute that brings together first responders and technology leaders to try out public safety technologies in realistic scenarios. The FirstNet network is used at these exercises to test the full ecosystem of public safety devices and services in disaster conditions. READ MORE


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