An Opt-Out Doomsday Clock? Seriously?

From offering input as to the definition of public safety responder, to publicly stating its views as to Opt-Out being a false choice, APCO has been and will continue to be a voice in support of FirstNet and their partner, AT&T.

“It Will Save Lives”

I was having a conversation the other day where an associate was telling me about a conversation with a state official and was asked “tell me why I need FirstNet in ten words or less?” I jumped in and said well I can do it in four words. He asked how. I said “It will save lives”.

All In: Betting Against Opt-Out

With FirstNet’s historic announcement of its selection of AT&T as its partner, we are about to achieve the promise of a state-of-the-art, nationwide, interoperable public safety broadband network.

Former DOJ CIO Doesn’t Understand FirstNet is Stakeholder Driven

Last week The Hill ran an opinion piece by Mr. Vance Hitch that correctly made the valid point that this summer will be “a critical moment” for the States as they decide to opt-in to the FirstNet solution, opt-out and attempt to build their own, or do nothing. But that’s about all his “drive-by analysis” gets right.

Don’t Be Late For The Party!

We have all done this. Received an invitation to a party, the invitation had a range of time and you show up just before the party ends. What happens? Well the first thing is all the good refreshments are gone and the food platter has been picked over. Yes, you’re still going to eat and drink and your host will make sure you’re taken care of but it won’t be the same experience. So how does this apply to FirstNet?