FirstNet and ESInet Commingled, Maybe Not Such a Good Idea

We have written in the past about how communications centers operate within this new world of FirstNet in FirstNet And The Public Safety Communications Center. There are those in our profession who think that the NG ESInet should be integrated into the FirstNet network or more specifically want to use their state ESInet networks as part of FirstNet. In our view this may not be such a good thing, for many reasons.

Dispelling More FirstNet Rumors

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FirstNet Is Delivering More Than We Imagined

By Anna M. Gomez   As Deputy Administrator at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), I was privileged to work with tremendously talented people in the Obama administration and…

An Opt-Out Doomsday Clock? Seriously?

From offering input as to the definition of public safety responder, to publicly stating its views as to Opt-Out being a false choice, APCO has been and will continue to be a voice in support of FirstNet and their partner, AT&T.