And The Survey Says…………

First, the staff at would like to thank all of those who responded to the survey. We believe that by asking these survey questions, Firstnet and AT&T, can get some insight as to what you, the users, are looking for going forward.

The Points to Ponder question for January was, “Which of the following FirstNet apps do you view as the most important?” Situational Awareness, CAD, Mapping, Push to Talk (PPT) or Operational Guide. Below are the results:


Push to Talk (PPT) 38%

Situational Awareness 33%

CAD 19.5 %

Mapping 5%

Operational Guide 4.5 %


Based on the responses it is clear to see what is important to our users. Over the next few weeks we plan on addressing at least the top three.
The PTT question is one that has been asked numerous times by many people anticipating subscribing to FirstNet. We are all aware that PTT over LTE is not, at least currently, going to replace LMR systems. However, FirstNet is testing applications whereby PTT over LTE will operate in conjunction with LMR. One unanswered question still remains and that is “what is the first responder’s definition of mission critical push to talk?”
The question we want to ask, and indeed is, the new Points to Ponder survey question, “How long before your organization implements PTT over LTE?”

Please take the time to respond to the new survey. We look forward to your responses.



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