Siyata Mobile’s Rapid Kit: Enhancing Emergency Communication And Preparedness

By Doug Clark

In the midst of emergencies, the unpredictable nature of these dire situations truly becomes apparent. It is precisely during heart-stopping moments, like a tornado or school shooting, that the importance of communication reaches peak importance. The ability to exchange vital information swiftly and seamlessly becomes the ultimate lifeline, enabling emergency response teams to coordinate their efforts, make critical decisions on the fly and navigate through the challenging terrain of unforeseen circumstances. Siyata Mobile Inc. understands this, and its Rapid Kit offers a bundled solution that ensures seamless connectivity and rapid communication during emergencies. This rugged case includes 6 SD7 Handsets in a multi-bay charger, activated on FirstNet, charged and ready to be used at a moment’s notice.

Siyata Rapid Kit

Siyata Rapid Kit

Designed to cater to various industries, the Siyata Rapid Kit has proven benefits for a range of customers. K-12 schools, EMS organizations, emergency operations centers, search & rescue teams and security teams in large facilities are just a few examples of types of organizations that Siyata has built its model around. The Rapid Kit allows these organizations to respond swiftly to emergencies by quickly distributing the activated handsets to key personnel, facilitating immediate and reliable communication.

The Siyata Rapid Kit can also serve as an ideal emergency backup system for customers who typically rely on two-way radios. The Rapid Kit differs from two-way radios because the included SD7 Handsets work on the FirstNet cellular network. In situations where radio networks fail, these customers can rely on the Rapid Kit to ensure uninterrupted communication channels. This not only provides peace of mind in critical situations but also enhances overall emergency preparedness.

FirstNet also manages a dedicated fleet of deployables to be used by first responder agencies in times of emergencies, and they offer an Emergency Management Resource Guide for first responder agencies at this link:

 FirstNet’s deployables include drones, and trucks equipped with single cellular towers that can be deployed to areas with network outages during emergencies. In the event of a natural disaster or when vital network infrastructure is compromised, FirstNet’s deployables restore cellular coverage swiftly. Fred Scalera, the Director FirstNet by AT&T Response Operations Group, is responsible for managing FirstNet’s emergency response including their deployables. Fred recognizes the value of Siyata’s Rapid Kits as a complementary solution. Scalera shared, “Having a cache of different devices available on FirstNet helps public safety be prepared to enable logistics communications rapidly when responders arrive on scene.”

According to recent market research, the worldwide Incident and Emergency Management market exhibited a substantial valuation of over $100 billion in 2022. Experts predict an impressive growth trajectory for this sector, projecting a CAGR of 10.32% over 2023-2028. By 2028, the market is expected to reach about $182 billion. The Siyata Rapid Kit highlights the product’s relevance within the industry, addressing the need for reliable, adaptable and efficient communication tools during emergencies and crises. Siyata Mobile seems to be at the forefront of advancing emergency communication solutions, with the Rapid Kit being just one of many solutions they have provided to the industry.


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