Siyata Mobile Is Upgrading A $50 Billion Market With Its Mission Critical Communication Devices 

By Doug Clark

The Security Services industry offers a range of services that include private security guards, patrol vehicles, and other complementary services such as alarm systems, cyber security, background screening, investigation, risk analysis and security consultancy services. In recent years, the Security Services market in the United States has experienced substantial growth. As of 2022, the market size has reached nearly $50 billion, highlighting the immense potential and demand for reliable communication solutions in the market.

The outsourced contract security industry alone employs approximately 850,000 security guards, providing a glimpse of the vast size and scale of the Security Services industry. The rapid growth in the size of the market is further evident in the success of Vanta, the fastest-growing private security company, which recorded a remarkable increase of over 13,000% in revenue in 2022.

The growing demand for security services and the increasing need for effective communication tools present an untapped opportunity for communication solutions providers to diversify their offerings and cater to the needs of the Security Services sector. In this market, providers must offer tailored solutions that offer essential features such as push-to-talk (PTT), GPS location tracking, and SOS capabilities, among others.

This market presents a golden opportunity for providers to leverage the latest technology and tailor their offerings to meet the ever-growing needs of the Security Services industry. Siyata Mobile’s SD7 PTT handset works seamlessly on the FirstNet network, and perfectly aligns with the needs of the Security Services market, catering to companies that employ security guards to protect various properties. With its compact design, lightweight structure and robust features, the SD7 facilitates seamless PTT communication and enhances situational awareness for security personnel in the field.

Another Security Services company is Titan Protection who has offices in Kansas City, Omaha and St. Louis, and is an existing customer of Siyata Mobile.  They have embraced the SD7 handset as an essential tool for their field operations. Kyle Stout, Director of Operations at Titan Protection, shared, “We use the SD7’s to help with communications and situational awareness for our field.  The ability to instantly communicate to them using push-to-talk, coupled with GPS location and if need be, SOS abilities, made for an ideal communications device for us and our security staff in the field.”

The SD7 handset’s slim form factor allows guards to carry it effortlessly, ensuring that they remain agile and unencumbered during their duties. Additionally, the sturdy construction of the SD7 ensures durability, guaranteeing that the device can withstand the demands of the often-challenging security services environment.

Effective communication is vital in security operations, and Siyata Mobile understands this requirement. The SD7 PTT handset is equipped with loud and clear audio, ensuring that messages are delivered and received over the FirstNet network without distortion which could cause miscommunication. With crystal-clear audio quality, security personnel can communicate effectively and make informed decisions in real time. However, if the situation requires a more discrete approach, the device is equipped with private earpieces and palm mics.

Siyata Mobile’s SD7 handset boasts a long-lasting battery, allowing security guards to remain connected and operational throughout their entire shift. This extended battery life ensures uninterrupted communication, reducing the risk of communication breakdowns and enhancing the efficiency of security operations. The SD7 device also has GPS integrated into it, adding an additional layer of security and management for security services companies. Management can track the location of the SD7 handsets, enabling quick deployment of support in case of emergencies or suspicious activities.Siyata Mobile has designed its devices with security markets in mind, understanding that security service personnel often face high-risk situations. In the event of an emergency, security guards can activate the SD7’s side SOS button, instantly alerting their colleagues and requesting immediate assistance. This feature ensures that security staff can swiftly respond to critical situations, contributing to a safer environment for both personnel and the properties they protect.

The Security Services market demands reliable, efficient and durable communication tools to ensure the safety and protection of properties and people. In an industry where communication is of the utmost importance for safety and security, Siyata Mobile is delivering the most important features a security company needs when it comes to seamless communication.


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