School Shootings Continue To Plague The United States – Here’s How Siyata Mobile Is Making A Difference

By Doug Clark

For many Americans, April 20th, 1999 marks a turning point in American history. Many people
remember where they were when they heard about the fateful school shooting in Columbine,
Colorado. The more unfortunate reality is that school shootings have only become more
endemic since 1999, becoming a piece of the dark fabric of American society. The Washington
Post reported in June of 2023, that since Columbine, there have been 386 school shootings.
However, this number doesn’t paint the full picture – more than 356,000 students have
experienced gun violence at school since Columbine.

Last year, public responders came under harsh criticism in regard to the deadly Uvalde, Texas
school shooting that claimed the lives of 19 students and two teachers. In total, 376 law
enforcement officers arrived at the scene, but no one entered the school for over an hour due to
poor coordination and miscommunication across multiple local, state, and federal departments.
Not only were two-way radios not working well but according to incident reports, there was no
chain of command to take effective and concise action.

Siyata Mobile Inc. is making significant contributions to enhancing school safety and
supporting first responders in K-12 emergency situations like school shootings. As a global
developer and vendor of mission-critical Push-to-Talk (PTT) over Cellular handsets and
accessories, Siyata is committed to offering reliable communication channels for industries that
heavily rely on effective communication, including schools, first responders, utilities, logistics
and field service workers.

At the forefront of Siyata’s efforts is their SD7 mission-critical PTT handset, which stands out
due to its unique design and functionality. Unlike traditional smartphones, the SD7 is specifically
designed as a replacement handset to traditional two-way radios to meet the communication
needs of schools and first responders. The device operates nationwide, leveraging cellular
coverage on FirstNet’s network and other networks, thereby enabling mission-critical
communications in various locations. Even in weak cellular coverage areas, Siyata’s cellular
signal boosters can be used with its VK7 Vehicle Kit to improve reception and ensure
continuous connectivity for first responders using the SD7 handsets. Siyata empowers schools
and first responder agencies to equip more staff members with reliable and easy-to-use
communication tools, ultimately enhancing their response capabilities during emergency
situations such as school shootings.

Through partnerships with wireless carriers and CrisisGo, Siyata also offers a comprehensive
emergency response management solution to the 130,000 K-12 schools, and over 3 million school teachers and school staff in America. The CrisisGo Emergency Response Management
application, integrated into Siyata’s SD7 handsets and PTT service, plays a critical role in
notifying and coordinating response efforts when the emergency red SOS button on the SD7 is
pressed. The application manages and tracks the steps taken during the emergency response,
provides a connection to local police, and ensures seamless communication through the PTT
service offered on the SD7 handsets.

With a solid reputation for reliability and versatility and a track record as a pioneer in the
industry, Siyata Mobile Inc. is dedicated to collaborating with stakeholders and leveraging their
technological expertise to provide cutting-edge communication solutions that address the
specific needs of first responders and K-12 schools in emergency situations like school


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