PSBTA Announces VISION 2022 FirstNet Users Summit

First of its kind ‘in person’ opportunity specifically directed to current FirstNet users to be held in Las Vegas, January 18-21, 2022

The Public Safety Broadband Technology Association (PSBTA) is your FirstNet Connection. Join us on January 18-21, 2022, as the PSBTA presents Vision 2022: FirstNet Users Summit. Learn, grow, and be inspired as public safety moves ahead in 2022 stronger than ever before.

Born from the 9/11 tragedy was FirstNet. FirstNet is America’s public safety network built for public safety. FirstNet provides reliable communication to keep your personnel and community safe. But let us remember our commitment 20 years ago to never forget. 9/11 was a defining moment for the United States as terrorists attacked America. But it also was a defining moment in our country’s response to terrorism uniting Americans.

FirstNet is a key component of that resilience. It is the prescription for first responder life safety and it is revolutionizing public safety. FirstNet provides the vital connectivity and lifesaving tools that first responders need to stay safe. Public safety leadership is measured by effective engagement with the community, wise use of taxpayers dollars, creating a safe community, and preserving a safe environment for employees to work. FirstNet offers these options along with network reliability and mission critical tools to deliver on these priorities.

For the first time a public private partnership levels the playing field. With FirstNet, the small public safety agencies have the same tools and values as the largest agencies. Imagine the enormous benefit to the lives of citizens in the smaller communities of our nation.

FirstNet innovation starts with a dedicated core network exclusively for public safety users. Now add priority and preemption, deployables, and the FirstNet ROG team.  Additionally, tools like Mission Critical Push to Talk, LMR to LTE Interoperability, MegaRange, and Z-Axis are an added benefit in the life safety for all. Furthermore, there are devices, over 177 Apps and the excitement of FirstNet 5G.

FirstNet is the only network that is congressionally authorized with continued oversite from the FirstNet Authority.  FirstNet is also giving back to first responders. This year, FirstNet has embarked on a health and wellness program for first responders utilizing therapy dogs. The program is called ROG the dog. Finally, dollars from subscriptions are reinvested to the FirstNet Authority for development of new technology for public safety. 

The power of the FirstNet network is available to the public safety community, including law enforcement, fire service, and emergency medical service, as well as, emergency managers and Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP). FirstNet is offered to public safety partners that support first responders during or after an emergency. This includes personnel working in government services, healthcare, schools, transportation, or utilities.

You can become part of the FirstNet experience as an individual first responder. There are many reasons why FirstNet is vital to you as an individual first responder. As an individual customer you receive:

  • FirstNet benefit from using the nationwide communications platform only for first responders. As a FirstNet subscriber, you never compete with commercial traffic and there is never any throttling.
  • FirstNet gives you a dedicated network for priority and preemption just for your use.
  • FirstNet provides a separate, dedicated, and highly secure network built for public safety’s sensitive communications.
  • FirstNet is continually enhancing and increasing coverage and capacity, enabling first responders to better connect with one another.
  • FirstNet can help enhance officer safety with the latest technology to provide situational awareness to solve complex issues in real time.
  • FirstNet keeps first responders connected both on and off duty. That means staying connected whether it is your partner on duty or keeping up with friends and family off duty.
  • FirstNet supports first responders with subscription dollars returned to the FirstNet Authority for re-investment and technology upgrades for the FirstNet ecosystem.  
  • FirstNet supports first responders with great pricing on devices and data plans.

On January 18-21, 2022, you have an opportunity to understand and discover the FirstNet experience and what makes it so special for the first responder community. The PSBTA with The Vision 2022:FirstNet users conference is bringing together the most revolutionary FirstNet minds to explore the ideas forming of what comes next for first responders. Over three days of unscripted interviews, presentations, and panel discussions,  first responders with an eye on emerging trends will experience a first look at the future occurring in broadband communications. You will participate in interactive interviews, deep-dive discussions, and peer-to-peer conversations, all designed to help you exchange knowledge and to prepare for what is public safety’s tomorrow. 

“The Vision 2022: FirstNet users conference will be one of this year’s greatest events. An event to connect and collaborate with others in public safety and those that develop software and hardware for the future of response. This event showcases the communications tools that are being used to protect or responders and improve our service to the citizens of our communities” says Chief Al Gillespie (Ret.), President of the PSBTA.

This is an exclusive event for FirstNet users. The event is targeted for all FirstNet eligible users, their technical support teams, and administrative leadership. Primary and extended primary users are welcome to attend. Primary users include first responders, dispatch, emergency planning and management teams. Extended primary users supporting public safety to include hospitals, schools, transportation, utilities and other agencies providing critical support are welcome as well.

If your company provides products or services in support of FirstNet, you cannot afford to miss Vision 2022: FirstNet Users Summit. Connect with first responders and influential decision-makers. Book your space today.

One last note:  the Vision 2022: FirstNet Users Summit registration has opened, and seats are filling quickly. Registration links are listed on our PSBTA webpage, . Don’t delay!


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