Next Paradigm Consulting Releases Grant Assistant Document for Colorado School Grants


Las Vegas Nevada December 20, 2018

Next Paradigm Consulting in partnership with Bella Vita Consulting released today a grant assistance document to assist Colorado schools in applying for grant funding appropriated by the State of Colorado that will support school communications during emergencies. This document is intended as an example of how grant funding can be applied for and used to support and establish emergency communications in the schools.

“The information provided in this document focuses on how FirstNet technology can be used to equip and support an internal team, as well as provide technology to allow for the efficient and timely exchange of information within a school” according to Kamala Kuhn who authored the document. Kuhn is the retired Deputy Chief for the Nevada Division of Emergency Management and has over 20 years of fiscal and grants management experience and now owns Bella Vita Consulting. Kuhn also noted that the example used is just one of many options of how this grant can be used for technology to help make a school safer. She went on to explain that this specific project used as an example would be accomplished through the development of a ten (10) member crisis management team comprised of administrators, faculty, and school resource officer(s) within each school. The team members would then be equipped with smart devices operating on FirstNet that will be preloaded with software to allow for immediate one-to-one or one-to-many communications, sound alarms, exchange graphical information such as photos, have access to video surveillance cameras, where available, as well as share other resource information.

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