More First Responders Choose FirstNet to Reliably Communicate

We’re announcing the new miniCRD to help first responders’ emergency response.

To celebrate the anniversary of the creation of FirstNet, we’ve launched the new Mini Compact Rapid Deployable for FirstNetNow available for public safety agencies to purchase, these agency-owned assets are 80% smaller and half the price of the CRD™ for FirstNet, which has been instrumental in first responders’ emergency response during wildfires and last year’s Hurricane Ian. Comprised of 2 ultra-portable ruggedized cases that are each about the size of checked luggage, the miniCRD™ can be deployed by a single person within a matter of minutes, covers up to ½ mile and links to FirstNet via satellite without relying on commercial power availability. And with on-the-go coverage, public safety will have dedicated Band 14 connectivity wherever it’s needed.



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