How FirstNet Will Make Mobile Officer Programs A Reality

Mobile officer initiative can improve police officer safety and better equip officers to make life-saving decisions with technology and tools

The FirstNet network can mean all the difference in reducing interoperability challenges and also increasing situational awareness for law enforcement agencies with mobile policing initiatives. (Photo/FirstNet)

Now with FirstNet, the first nationwide broadband wireless network for public safety, law enforcement will have mission critical broadband access making it possible for communities across the nation to implement mobile officer programs that are revolutionizing how we serve and protect our communities.

To further discuss the advantages and feasibility of implementing mobile officer programs, the International Chiefs of Police will host a panel discussion entitled, “How to Get Free Access to Philadelphia’s Mobile Officer Investments,” at its 124th Annual Conference and Exposition. Bill Schrier, formerly CIO at the Seattle Police Department and now a member of FirstNet, will discuss how the FirstNet network is paramount to the success of these mobile officer programs.

The use of technology is not new to the average law enforcement officer on the street. From the first hand-held radios to today’s mobile data terminals, police officers have relied on technology for years to help with a wide range of policing activities — from investigations and arrests to large-scale incident responses and community policing – making technology a mainstay for law enforcement.

While technology has helped officers become more efficient and effective in protecting communities from harm, the full potential of broadband technology without mission critical data limits the ability of law enforcement and others working in public safety to do their jobs.






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