FirstNet Authority board approves additional investments into 5G network core

FirstNet board members this week unanimously approved a resolution authorizing the FirstNet Authority staff to obligate reinvestment funds from AT&T to pay operations and maintenance costs associated with upgrading the FirstNet core to 5G during 2021 and in future years.

SOURCE: Urgent Communications

DATE: December 9, 2020

FirstNet Authority CEO Ed Parkinson said the measure—Resolution 108—will help the organization ensure that FirstNet remains a “state-of-the-art” system by funding a multi-phase upgrade to 5G that began with last year’s decision to authorization reinvestment money into 5G core development.

“[Passing Resolution 108] will ensure that public safety is going to continue to benefit from the unique capabilities of the NPSBN, such as priority, preemption, and mission-critical push to talk [MCPTT] as networks evolve from 4G to 5G,” Parkinson said prior to the vote on the item during Wednesday’s FirstNet Authority board meeting. READ MORE


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