First Responder Communication Proved Critical During Earthquake Response Exercise

FirstNet utilized as an important tool during a disaster recovery and response training

Earthquakes rarely come with much warning and in California, the state with the most damaging earthquakes in the country, that threat is always a possibility.

First responders and the larger public safety community need to be prepared to face any surprise disaster, no matter the scale. That’s why over twenty local and state public agencies and 700 attendees gathered in Sonoma late this April to participate in a full-scale earthquake response exercise hosted by the California National Guard and CalOES Fire Rescue Branch.

From large building extractions and emergency medical response simulations to practicing general agency interoperability, the training let the public safety community work together to understand their roles in the hypothetical scenario—and FirstNet®, Built with AT&T, America’s public safety network, was there every step of the way.



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