FCC won’t punish Verizon and T-Mobile for exaggerating their coverage maps

And it’s scrapping an entire program because of them

Verizon, T-Mobile, and US Cellular overstated their 4G coverage in rural communities across the country, a Federal Communications Commission investigation determined on Wednesday. Despite the Commission’s findings, it will not punish the carriers in any way.

Throughout its investigation, the FCC staff ran speed and coverage tests in rural areas across the country to determine whether consumers were receiving sufficient download speeds. According to the FCC’s report, “only 62.3 percent of staff drive tests” met those thresholds. US Cellular achieved it only 45 percent of the time, while T-Mobile and Verizon met the standard at around 60 percent of the time. The FCC staff was unable to receive any 4G signal in 38 percent of US Cellular’s tests, 21.3 percent of T-Mobile’s, and 16.2 percent of Verizon’s.


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  1. Randy Kaminsky | December 9, 2019 at 2:09 pm | Reply

    You can make false statements to the FCC and probably get away with . I just try making the same exact statements to your stockholders and expect the SEC to level Stiff fines. The moral of the story is don’t listen to what your cell carrier tells the FCC, listen to what it tells it stockholders.

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