AT&T unveils new branding for FirstNet products and services

FirstNet nationwide contractor AT&T launches a new visual brand that will be associated with FirstNet services and products, according to AT&T and FirstNet officials. FirstNet will continue to use its existing logo to designate organizational activities, as opposed to products and services that subscribers can buy.

Although launched by AT&T, the new brand was developed with input from FirstNet officials, according to a FirstNet spokesperson. This black-and-white visual brand is being used “to identify products and services that are specifically approved for use on FirstNet,” according to an AT&T spokesperson.

“Whenever first responders see it, they can be confident that they are getting something just for them,” Chris Sambar, AT&T’s senior vice president for FirstNet, stated in his blog about the subject. “It’s built in collaboration with them, backed by the expertise of AT&T and approved with the advocacy of the First Responder Network Authority.”

In the blog, Sambar stated that this new black-and-white visual brand features three key elements:

“Symbol – 3 horizontal lines represent the distinct but interconnected disciplines of public safety. They’re united in communications, symbolized by a notch in the lower right corner. This forms a speech bubble that signifies seamless communication and harmonious interoperation for first responders nationwide.
“Wordmark – FIRSTNET. We’ve bolded “first” to show that this network is, first and foremost, a solution for first responders. The technology will never be more important than the first responders it benefits. This platform belongs to them. They fought for it, and they will continue to guide its development. Plus, they’ll always be first in line for service.
“Attribution – “Built with AT&T.” We chose each word carefully to reflect the brand’s commitment to public safety.
Built: This is a new effort, new solution and new network that is purpose-built for first responders. It’s the only communications platform dedicated to public safety. And there’s nothing else like it in the market.
With: Collaboration with first responders will always be our foundation.
AT&T: This is a solution built with the expertise of the nation’s largest and most reliable network provider.* So, first responders can rely on it for their technology and communications needs.”



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