AT&T rips T-Mobile’s promise to first responders as ‘a marketing stunt’

Last week, T-Mobile made some announcements that were either a) nice things to do for low-income families and emergency responders, or b) self-serving maneuvers to convince the attorneys general of several states to drop their lawsuit against the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint.


DATE; November 11, 2019

T-Mobile promised that if its merger with Sprint closes, the New T-Mobile would introduce low-cost prepaid wireless plans, provide free broadband access to underserved households with school-age children and provide free 5G service for first responders.

AT&T is calling T-Mobile’s promise regarding first responders a marketing ploy. In an email to FierceWireless, an AT&T spokesperson said, “We have a deep and genuine commitment to connecting first responders and using technology to enrich education, not marketing stunts contingent on getting something approved. If they believe it’s critical to offer free access to these communities they would do it today, no conditions or questions asked.”


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  1. Chief Jack Anderson | November 18, 2019 at 2:17 pm | Reply

    All of this is becoming a joke as we have not seen anything happen in our little part of the world (Northern NH). Its a waiting game to us. In the mean time we will be sticking with the only carrier that works for us which is Verizon.

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