Arizona Trucking Association Announces FirstNet as a Member Benefit

September 20, 2021 PRESS RELEASE

Phoenix, AZ – The Arizona Trucking Association (ATA) is proud to announce FirstNet as a member benefit. All ATA carrier members automatically qualify to become FirstNet subscribers through the ATA master agreement with the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs (DEMA).

“I am excited to announce that all ATA carrier members qualify for FirstNet services through an exclusive member benefit program established in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic,” stated Arizona Trucking Association President and CEO, Tony Bradley. “During this past year, we’ve had a global pandemic, civil unrest, and natural disasters, all of which have the ability to disrupt a trucking company’s ability to communicate with their drivers. By putting their communications on the FirstNet system, trucking companies ensure they can keep in touch with their drivers when it matters most. I am grateful to DEMA for acknowledging the critical role trucking plays in our everyday lives and during emergencies, and ATA stands ready to assist when needed.”

“Trucking is essential to emergency response, and we must help ensure they are able to communicate in times of crisis. FirstNet is built with and for first responders and those that could be called on to help support them. We’re honored to offer our services to the trucking industry through our relationship with the Arizona Trucking Association and the AZDEMA,” Rich Johnson, FirstNet Solutions Consultant,

What is FirstNet?

FirstNet was envisioned in the wake of the 9-11 terrorist attacks. During the time of crisis, America’s first responders could not properly communicate and coordinate relief and recovery efforts because they were communicating on public communication networks. The 9-11 Commission report recommended the United States develop a public-private partnership that gave first responders a priority network that would prioritize public safety cellular and data communication separate from the commercial cellular network. FirstNet is built with AT&T in public-private partnership with the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet Authority) – an independent agency within the federal government.  

How does trucking fit into FirstNet?

In addition to supporting frontline first responders like police and fire, FirstNet is also available to a community of users who are critical to supporting an emergency response, like trucking. As we know, during times of emergencies, like natural disasters, trucking is critical to emergency response and rebuilding. 

What are the benefits of FirstNet over my current cellular provider?

In one word, safety. When the commercial network is jammed, inoperable, or simply not working, you cannot communicate with your driver or track your equipment. Because FirstNet was developed for public safety, it is designed to work when other systems are too busy or otherwise unavailable. FirstNet means you can communicate with your drivers and keep them safe. Additionally, because FirstNet is a public-private partnership, there might be substantial savings to your bottom line.

Where can I learn more about FirstNet?

You can read more about FirstNet on the FirstNet website If you are interested in speaking with a FirstNet representative, please contact Rich Johnson at 602-472-1236 or


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