Public Safety Advocate: Andy Seybold, W8GEC, Silent Key

1946-2023, Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Many of you have known Andy over the years and have seen how he fills a room with his presence. He will be sorely missed as he joins previous generations that have taken with them their knowledge and experience in wireless communications. Andy has often expressed his desire for those new to the wireless industry to take the time to learn about early discoveries and principles that still hold true today and to carry them forward for the good of all.

From amateur radio to desktop computing, emergency communications to paramedic radios, and more, Andy was there. Later, the nationwide public safety broadband network became his greatest and most rewarding challenge of all. Next time you pick up a wireless device to communicate with others, take a moment or two to remember Andy and his many contributions. Most of all, remember his generosity and how he gave so much of his time and shared his knowledge and perspectives with people exploring ways to contribute to the wireless industry.

If you know Andy at all, you know he was dedicated to Public Safety Communications and the network now known as FirstNet (Built with AT&T). What you may not know is that Public Safety Communications became his life’s mission. He was, indeed, the Public Safety Advocate. For two years early on in FirstNet history, he donated his time to join lobbying efforts to convince US Government agencies to provide the spectrum and starter funds for the network.

In the past, Andy had said the D Block was the greatest reward of all. That was before he was chosen to receive only the second IWCE lifetime award, for “outstanding vision, commitment and contributions to the critical communications industry.” Coming so close to his passing, this lifetime award meant more to him than you can imagine.

Andy felt it was an honor to walk along with Chief Harlin McEwen (Ret) and so many other fine people on such a rewarding journey.

“Thank you for a lifetime, Andy”

Note: Andy requested that we not host a funeral or similar ceremonies.


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