Incentive Auctions

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I think this is also important for the Public Safety Community since these auctions will provide most of the $7 billion in funding for the Public Safety Broadband Network. For this reason alone, these auctions need to be a success. Below are the first two paragraphs of the commentary and a link to the full article.


More broadband spectrum is needed for the commercial operators, but where will it come from? The FCC has pledged to “find” (meaning reallocate) 500 MHz of spectrum within ten years from when it presented its National Broadband Plan to Congress in the spring of 2010. Where will it come from, who will lose what they are using today, and how long will it take? One set of answers may be found in the reallocation of spectrum now being used by TV stations around the nation.

The FCC has been authorized to conduct “incentive auctions” in the existing TV spectrum. The incentive part of the auction means that any TV station that voluntarily gives up its 6 MHz in the upper portion of the TV spectrum will share in the proceeds from the sale and will be able to relocate lower in the TV band if it so desires.

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