Cradlepoint 5G Solutions Now FirstNet Trusted™ for in-vehicle, fixed site, and IoT Connectivity

Enhanced service unlocks the freedom for first responder agencies to use FirstNet and 5G virtually anywhere in the country

BOISE, Idaho, Feb. 01, 2023– Cradlepoint, a global leader in cloud-delivered LTE and 5G wireless network solutions, today announced that its R1900 Series 5G Ruggedized Router, E3000 Series 5G Enterprise Router, W1850 Series 5G Indoor Wideband Adapter plus the newly released R2100 Series 5G Ruggedized Router are now certified as FirstNet® Trusted™. This means first responders can use these devices to tap into specialized capabilities designed to meet their mission-centric needs on the FirstNet network and they can be confident these devices meet strict cybersecurity and network connectivity requirements.

As part of Cradlepoint’s robust 5G portfolio, these products are the company’s first in-vehicle and fixed-site solutions certified to operate on the FirstNet 5G network in conjunction with its full portfolio of 4G/LTE solutions already certified on the network.

FirstNet, Built with AT&T is solving long-standing communications challenges faced by public safety entities and those supporting emergency response nationwide. This allows first responders to communicate with one another easily and quickly during everyday situations, big events or emergencies. And FirstNet is evolving based on the needs of and feedback from the public safety community, driving purposeful innovation to help them stay mission ready.

First responders also have access to a one-of-a-kind 5G experience on FirstNet. They get the early benefits of this next-generation connectivity while continuing to use LTE, the current gold standard for reliable mobile broadband, for their mission-critical needs. First responders maintain voice communications with always-on priority and preemption on LTE, while the FirstNet network determines the best route for data traffic, whether that’s 5G or LTE spectrum. Today, public safety on FirstNet has access to at least 1 of these 3 flavors of 5G (low-, mid- and high-band 5G). And AT&T will continue to roll out 5G connectivity for FirstNet in communities across the country.

5G adoption is accelerating across most sectors—public and private—to drive innovation, optimize operations, and bolster business- and mission-critical communications. Cradlepoint and FirstNet have recognized this demand first-hand and have both been among the first to empower organizations with technology and network access that unlock the power of 5G. In May 2021, Cradlepoint launched its Second-Generation 5G product portfolio, before most companies announced their first.

Cradlepoint FirstNet Certified 5G Devices
Cradlepoint’s R2100, R1900, E3000, and W1850 will provide emergency personnel with superior emergency communication technology to that available on the market today.

  • Cradlepoint’s R2100 Series 5G Ruggedized Router is a new product category that integrates router, antenna, and modem in a sleek “Router-on-the-Roof” form factor.
    • Locating the R2100 Series on the exterior of vehicles and IoT deployments eliminates cabling and simplifies installation, making emergency services, mass transit, and IoT deployments faster and easier to scale.
  • Cradlepoint’s R1900 Series 5G Ruggedized Router was built from the ground up to handle high-performance mobile 5G connectivity.
    • The 5G power and durability of the R1900 will bolster in-vehicle connectivity across first responder fleets and in-the-field IoT devices such as sensors, cameras, drones, and robots.
  • Cradlepoint’s E3000 Series 5G Enterprise Router was designed for fixed sites requiring flexible connectivity, reliable 5G performance, and simplified management including full-featured routing, security, and Wi-Fi.
    • With 5G embedded, the all-in-one E3000 delivers enterprise-grade, scalable performance for all-wireless and hybrid-wired WAN networks.
  • Cradlepoint’s W1850 Series 5G Wideband Adapter was designed to connect to enterprise-class routers at fixed locations that require the high-capacity, mid-band performance of 5G.
    • The W1850 will allow agencies to adopt 5G connectivity at police stations, firehouses, or any other permanent or temporary location and manage the routers and adapters in the same NetCloud platform.

“First responders and the public sector are adopting 5G to further innovate—beyond the capabilities of 4G/LTE connectivity—to better serve and protect,” said Jonathan Fischer, vice president, carrier business development, Cradlepoint. “With the introduction of the FirstNet 5G network and the FirstNet certification of Cradlepoint’s R2100 router, R1900 router, E3000 router, and W1850 adapter, customers can now take advantage of the early benefits of 5G while continuing to utilize 4G/LTE for mission-critical communications—without disruption to either.”

“FirstNet Trusted™ devices and modules go through extensive review, so first responders can be confident that Cradlepoint’s certified devices meet our highest standards for reliability, security and performance,” said Matt Walsh, assistant vice president, product management and development, FirstNet Program at AT&T. “The more tools public safety has access to on their network, the more we can help them achieve their mission.”

Today’s public safety operations require access to mission-critical applications — including sites such as headquarters, dispatch centers, and emergency locations; vehicles such as police cruisers, fire apparatuses, ambulances, and mobile command centers; and devices such as video cameras and sensors. Having secure, nonstop 5G connectivity is necessary to ensure first responders can perform their duties safely and efficiently. The FCC estimates that over 10,000 lives could be saved each year if public safety were able to reach callers just 1 minute faster.

The R1900 router, E3000 router, and W1850 adapter are available to FirstNet Customers immediately— FirstNet 5G connectivity varies by location. See for coverage details. To learn more about Cradlepoint’s FirstNet Trusted devices and to get updates on upcoming services, please visit: For more on FirstNet, check out

About Cradlepoint
Cradlepoint enables the freedom to connect people, places, and things that drive more experiences, more ways to work, and better business results — anywhere. The company is a pioneer in Wireless WAN, offering advanced 4G and 5G routers and adapters — controlled through Cradlepoint NetCloud™. Enterprise businesses and public sector agencies rely on Cradlepoint and its Cellular Intelligence to build a reliable, secure network wherever they need it, connecting fixed and temporary sites, vehicles, IoT devices, and remote employees. Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, Cradlepoint is wholly owned subsidiary of Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) and part of their Business Area Enterprise Wireless Solutions. It has international offices in Asia Pacific, Canada, Europe, India, and Latin America.

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