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Arizona to Transform Communications for Public Safety

The State of Arizona is opting into FirstNet. With this decision, FirstNet and AT&T* will deliver a specialized wireless broadband network to Arizona’s public safety community. This makes Arizona the 13th state or territory in the country to bring first responders advanced technologies that will help them save lives and protect communities.

“It Will Save Lives”

I was having a conversation the other day where an associate was telling me about a conversation with a state official and was asked “tell me why I need FirstNet in ten words or less?” I jumped in and said well I can do it in four words. He asked how. I said “It will save lives”.

High-speed network aids first responders

FirstNet is the long overdue result of the communications barrier first responders experienced on Sept. 11, 2001. Following the attacks, Congress observed — as we all did — that public safety needed a network dedicated to their communications. This need continues today.

Sheriffs: With FirstNet Set to Launch, Make the Public Safety Network Yours

The National Sheriffs’ Association has long been a leading advocate for this network.  Sheriffs from around the country joined together and linked up with leaders from the fire service and EMS communities to fight for the creation of FirstNet. We now have chance to turn this vision into reality by encouraging our states to join the FirstNet Network.

All In: Betting Against Opt-Out

With FirstNet’s historic announcement of its selection of AT&T as its partner, we are about to achieve the promise of a state-of-the-art, nationwide, interoperable public safety broadband network.