Using Federal Grants to Fund FirstNet Projects for Law Enforcement

Wednesday, March 4, 2020 9:30 PST, 10:30 MST. 11:30 CST, 12:30 EST

Understanding the process and requirements for federal grants can be complex. This webinar is specially tailored for the needs of law enforcement seeking federal grants for FirstNet communications projects. In this webinar, guidance is provided on available grants, understanding the process of grant application development, the grant cycle, and other vital resources and steps needed in applying for grants.

Discussion Topics

• What grants are available for law enforcement?
• Where to look for grants?
• What resources are available?
• Who should be involved in the process?
• What you need to know before you apply.
• Mandatory requirements for consideration.
• Good to know before you write your grant.

About the Presenter

Kamala Kuhn is the former Deputy Director of the Nevada Division of Emergency Management. Ms. Kuhn has over 26 years of professional senior management experience in State and Local Government. In addition to her other management duties, she had oversight and management responsibility for all public safety grants administered by the division to include Homeland Security Grant Program, Emergency Management Preparedness Grant, Federal Disaster Assistance Grants, Communications Grants, Fire Mitigation, and Flood Mitigation Grants.


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